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Our Vision

Philo is a company that values pragmatism, passion, pride in our work, and, most importantly, puts people first.

Our company’s namesake, Philo T. Farnsworth, was a lifelong inventor, tinkerer, and television pioneer. The foundation of our brand and company values is inspired by Farnsworth's wide-eyed optimism about the future, his passion for innovation, and his indomitable spirit—it's why we continuously strive to create a better way to watch TV.

A timeline
of Philo

Raised $6.3M in funding, including investments from Mark Cuban and HBO.


Moved company headquarters to San Francisco.


Closed a substantial round of financing in advance of launching OTT product, securing financial backing from A&E, AMC, Paramount, and Discovery.


100,000 subscribers on 1-year anniversary.


Surpasses 750,000 subscribers; Discovery includes Philo subscriber count in quarterly earnings, our first public subscriber count announcement since we launched



We stand by our values

Do the right thing

We do what’s right by being authentic, diligent, humble, and respectful. We stand up for our beliefs and strive to challenge the status quo.

Work until you love the result

We can't settle for mediocrity. Making a product that we can be proud of requires refining, rethinking, and iterating on what we've done.

Shared passion makes a team

If we don’t have the tools to succeed, we build them. Our biggest strength as a team comes from our combined passions, drive, and ingenuity.

Progress is always at the limits

When we don't know the answers, we use it as an opportunity to learn and aim to find the right solution as a team.

Clarity and ownership drive results

We’re always specific when proposing new ideas, establish clear project ownership, and break into smaller teams to reduce scope.

Good decisions over perfect decisions

Great ideas can come from anywhere or anyone. We will always promote progress over perfection when making decisions.


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